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New Year? New You? Keep it simple .......

My 2021 so far ……..

Cleaned out the top two drawers of the freezer.

Found 6 portions of something in the freezer. All unlabelled. One is lasagne. One looks like stew.

The others haven’t defrosted sufficiently to allow for identification. Two are yellow!

Found unfeasible quantities of loose sweetcorn in middle freezer drawer.

And some peas.

And a peg.

Found what looked like frozen biscuit dough.

Baked it.

I’m unsure as to what I have just made.

Took down all the Christmas decorations and helped husband put them in the loft. Managed to do this in record time with no swearing or breakages.

Congratulated ourselves with a pot of tea.

Have just spotted the outdoor snowflake light still outside in the garden.

Moved various items around in the kitchen for ease of use. Youngest daughter had toast for breakfast rather than a waffle as she thought we had run out. This culinary catastrophe merited much shrieking and the suggestion that I should work in a supermarket and try out my stock rotation skills there.

The waffles were ….. clearly ….. in the new tin …. next to the bread bin.

Husband now opening every tin in search of biscuits.

Perhaps I’ll give him one of those ‘things’ I’ve just baked.

A very Happy 2021 to you all.

Focus on the small stuff this month.

Forget all that gubbins about ‘new year .. new you’.

Clean out your freezer, take stock, buy some labels.

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