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The art of goalcraft

Goals are important. They give us direction, keep us motivated and, perhaps most importantly, they keep us focused on what matters most to us. An effective goal setting process helps us set and stick to our priorities.

Goals may be important but there are so many things that can get in the way of us committing to and crafting them.

Time and space - it takes time to create the thinking space we need to declutter our thoughts and put them into some semblance of order.

Fluff - crafting careful goals can seem a bit fluffy and aspirational. Isn't it all about visioning boards and living your 'best life'?

Overwhelm - there may be so much you want to achieve that you don't know where to start. You may also not have a fully equipped goal crafting toolkit!

Four tips for starting to build your goal crafting toolkit.

1. Narrow it down to what matters. Try this question to start you off: What matters most to me? Base your goals around a few goals that are most important to you. Many goals focus on what we are going to do. Why not focus on what you want to be? The state of being that you want to achieve is the goal. The things you do to get there are your personal tactics. Now and again your tactics may take a wobble but, ultimately, you are always heading towards your main goal.

2. Then go wide. Think around the edges of the goal to ensure that you’ve considered every angle. Ask yourself these questions: What could get in the way of me achieving my goal? What might cause a wobble? How can I remove those barriers? What do I already have in my toolkit that can help me? Who can help me? Who has got my back?

3. Do a positive reframe. Lots of goals focus on negatives. “I’ll stop snacking on cheese every time I open the fridge.” (Or this just me?!) This perpetuates a negative mindset. Reframe your goals and make them positive by saying what you will do, rather than what you won’t do.

4. Paint your picture. Visualise what life looks like when you have achieved your goal. What will you be doing, thinking, feeling, wearing etc.? What will life look like, feel like, sound like? Write it down. Draw it if that works better for you.

Good luck with your goal crafting!

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