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How does coaching work? 


Coaching Methods

Where and when suits you?

Choose your space. Remote coaching on Zoom means you can choose where you want to be!  You just need to find a space you're comfortable in if I'm going to challenge you!

Choose your view. Gain some perspective once life is little less restricted .... in more ways than one. Let's have a walk and a coaching conversation in the rolling Warwickshire countryside. Let the views inspire you.

Choose your time. The flexibility of remote coaching at times to suit you and fit in around your working day. Twilight talking and early bird slots are great times for conversations.

Coaching Services

What kind of coaching?

Career and Interview Coaching.

Finding the right new role for you and supporting you with communication and interview techniques. 

Goal Coaching.

Brainstorm, evaluate, plan, get started. Coaching that helps you take that first step.

Confidence Boosting.

Coaching Power Hours and 30 minute bursts to boost your confidence.

Mind decluttering.

Sort out all the tangles and loose threads in your mind. Gain focus.

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