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I'm a red pesto winner

"Jo. Did you know that, in 2020, you have been a prolific purchaser of red pesto and you also seem quite partial to limes?"

I've paraphrased but this pretty much sums up the Christmas card I got from my supermarket today. It made me giggle and a bit pleased as I got some vouchers .... it was a pretty good piece of marketing.

And then I thought ..... what did I do with all that red pesto? Why did lockdown drive me to pesto? Why not green pesto?

I knew immediately what the significance of the limes was. I found out about strawberry Camparis in the summer and have been making them ever since. I can wholeheartedly recommend their disco colouring and dizzying mix of sweetness from the strawberry ribena and sharpness from the Campari.

It made me think how much of this year has, despite the restrictions, gone past in a blur. So many small moments that could easily be forgotten. Like the red pesto, I want to go back and reflect on some of the moments from 2020 and savour them.

I'm going to make myself a strawberry Campari, scroll through the year's photos on my phone and relive some of the small but important memories from 2020.

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